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You know you’re made for this job when…

29 Dec

So it’s been a while and the holidays have taken over everybody’s lives. Typical! But before I get lost in another round of turkey sandwiches and chocolates my waistline really shouldn’t have room for, I must divulge a little secret with you…

I must be made for this job. Even when I’m doing some Christmas shopping, or birthday shopping (… just any shopping, really!) I can’t escape this perfectionist mentality. This graphical and observant pedant’s poise. It boils down to being so wound up by how things are mass-manufactured and wanting to make them myself. If I could design and produce my own clothes, I would. When I acquire enough experience and material to do so, I’ll make my own cards too. One’s that are soppy, one’s that aren’t: with imagery or without; great typography, serif and sans; co-ordinated themes and coloured massacres on some card. I’ll do everything; the window displays, the internal decor, the cards, the envelopes the gift bags and matching wrap, the finicky final touches… And they won’t be gotten right first time, but with time and practice they’ll be perfect.

I won’t grumble that they’re slightly out of sync or not what I’d make or get for Auntie so-and-so. I won’t roll my eyes that the card and envelope don’t match up, or that the gift bag doesn’t look right either. Cos I’ll have just taken five and done it myself. And that’s how I know I’m perfect for this job. For marketing. Because that’s what I have to each and every day. And I get paid to be this anally-retentive about things that many people don’t value as important or relevant or mattering whatsoever. And I’m pretty chuffed about that to be honest!

I can’t imagine having someone else do what I do; every project is my baby and I care too much about each item on the agenda and fine detail within it to let anything slide or fall short of being exactly what it should and could be. And isn’t that the aim of every marketer? Isn’t that what every company wants from their PR personnel?

They don’t want the bare or thrown-haphazardly-together window displays; they want the breathtaking and fabulous and wow-that-really-made-me-stop-and-think ones.

So that’s what I’ll give them.

By Natalie Boon.


How productive is your office?

20 Dec

Check out this innovative practice our HR guru introduced recently…

By Natalie Boon.

Linked article by Jennifer Howlett.

4 Dec

Check out the first of many future zany blog posts from one anonymous and hilarious consultant at Vertex. We’ve kick-started this particular blogwith a very funny adaptation of the festive classic, ‘A Christmas Carol’ – talking instead about how you shouldadopt social media as both a recruiter and job seeker in order to best expose yourself to the right opportunities.
Let us know your thoughts, and enjoy!

By Natalie Boon.

Linked blog by Kieran Scully.

Random Ramblings of a Recruiter

This is a tale of moving with the times, a warning against becoming an observational passenger. I’m sure we have all now read, or watched, the Dickens classic “A Christmas Carol”, and the message behind it lives as true today as it did when written. This is much alike A Christmas Carol in as far as our story of vicissitude in our main characters life begins with a visit from a deceased colleague on the night before Christmas. (For reason of it being an uplifting Christmas story, we will assume that in this instance deceased means he has moved on to another company.)

Scrooge awoke to find a ghouly being standing at the edge of his bed. He furiously rubbed his eyes to ensure his woken presence, yet the being remained. It was the image of his previous business partner Jacob Marley from Scrooge and Marley Recruitment Solutions…

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