Are you looking to change your life?

30 Apr

(NOTE: this is a shameless CV generating, job sharing, candidate and client engaging, company promoting kind of update. Consider yourself warned!)


Ahem… Key words aside, working in marketing is all about being creative and engaging the world around you; finding your USP, promoting the #$!* out of your products and/or services, and generating proof of ROI. (buzzbuzzbuzzwords).

But with a recruitment company, this process is definitely harder to adjust to as a new industry worker than something more abstract and creative. You can have all the ideas in the world, but can you tie them down? Can you make them work for you and represent you, rather than merely be a fun exercise in futility?

This is my job and my current greatest challenge. Learning how to sell to candidates that we can change your world, to clients that we can help grow and enhance your business offering, and the general outside world that we are a great place to work for, with and around (cough, CHARITY WORK, cough, GREAT WORK PERKS, cough, AWESOME PEOPLE AND ATMOSPHERE…) – this is where it gets tricky. Ir takes more than a cleverly-worded poster or a few status updates. It’s about proof-reading job advertisements and maintaining websites and generating new and interesting content day in, day our. It’s about managing brand through every employee, document and form of communication.

It’s about making people go ‘WOW’ and remembering you for doing what you said you would, and then some.

So, to that end, we’re working on tonnes of cool new ideas to get you outsiders to know all about us and what we do. We may even make you smile or think about us a little longer than you’d realised or planned.

BUT. As I couldn’t possibly reveal all my fantastic secrets, I shall conclude this morning post with some shameless recruitment spam!

We really can change your life. I’ve spoken to placed candidates and happy clients. You love us. You think we are dedicated and tenacious and are pleased that we really take the time to learn about our marketplace and about all of your interests too. Think of it this way: why would we try to sell you a job that you’ll end up leaving later, if we don’t get paid til you have worked for a set period of time?

It’s in our interest to care for you, learn about your family, talk about your hobbies, and see what you want from your next move, whether you relocate or not. The same goes for the client-side. Why would we set ourselves up as a business, claiming excellent candidate delivery and support, only to have you doubt us the moment someone drops out or decides against you, no matter what the real reason? The answer is – we wouldn’t.

So, as promised:

Take a moment to consider what you might be lacking in your career right now… Would it do you any harm to explore your options, pressure-free?

If you’re looking to change your life by progressing your techie career, get in touch today. Check out our social media pages. Give us a call. Drop us an email. Heck, come visit us in the office. We won’t bite (much!).


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