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Viral Videos

2 Aug

Greetings readers and casual passers-by alike!

I haven’t posted since getting my new job, so here’s my first where I can now say – I am the new Marketing Specialist for none other than the techie innovators themselves, ASUS!

Anyway, more details to follow on the job and new cool things I’m learning to take me out of my comfort and learning zone. 😉 for now, I wanted to share my amusement at a few good tech-based viral vids…

First up – Samsung’s Evolution Kit. Let’s face it, we’ve all had respective partners, loved ones and randomers we’d love to change small bits about. And the control and ULTIMATE POWER that would come with… Mwahaha! … ahem.

Secondly – our good arty friend, Adobe Photoshop. I chuckled at how quick the turn around on this was. Very well done.

And finally (for now!), I conclude my ‘winding down for the weekend’ session with a hilarious clip from our pals at CollegeHumor. I’m devastated that I didn’t come across this one sooner, as I love a bit of comedy! Clever execution and lovely reactions from the unsuspecting but good-humoured general public.

So… what are your thoughts? Any cool vids to add? How do you think I should commission viral videos to get ASUS more on the map?

Would love to hear your thoughts here or via Twitter @natalieannboon


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