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My legacy lives on…

22 May

Despite leaving Vertex recently and looking for new challenges, my design abilities were obviously still highly thought of… I created this banner!

If you’re looking for an amazing challenge in IT Recruitment with one of the best companies going, check out their website for more info: You won’t regret it!

Vertex hiring banner


‘Tell me a bit more about yourself.’

1 Mar

Does this phrase fill you with dread?

Check out our latest video for interview advice and some pretty good outtakes too!

Calling all Ruby on Rails Developers!

10 Jan
Infogram on Ruby on Rails professionals.

Infogram on Ruby on Rails professionals.

By Natalie Boon.





Meet the BD Team – Arnie, Superman and the smiley one with the awesome voice!

28 Nov

I’m pretty proud of my latest piece of filming and editing, so figured I’d share it with you!

There’re are some hilarious outtakes at the end – so be sure to stay tuned right through!

You can check out other videos I’ve made and that were made before my time @ Vertex on our YouTube channel:

I look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts and recommendations for improvement and on future video ideas!

Thanks all!

By Natalie Boon.

Video featuring Jay Gohil, James Hunt and Liam Kidd.

And so the guest blogging begins…

19 Nov

I’ve joined up to a rather cool site recently which helps facilitate blog networking and provide more guest posting opportunities. This is the first post of hopefully many where I share interesting articles or infograms I come across related to myself and marketing, career development, or the IT sector and its latest news (as this is the arena which my company, Vertex, operate within).

Anatomy of a Web Design Client

Web design has become more complicated in recent years. As a result, more businesses are turning to professionals to design their websites. While most of these transactions go smoothly, problems sometimes arise. Who is to blame when the process goes bad?

Some place most of the blame on the web designer. A common stereotype is that computer experts have poor social skills, and some attribute poor transactions to social ineptitude. Further, many people believe that the customer is always right, and they will blame the web designer in almost all cases. Web designers sometimes ignore the wishes of their clients and do what they feel is best.

However, others argue that the problem primarily lies with the clients. Clients are notoriously difficult to understand, and many change their desires at seemingly arbitrary times. To ensure a smooth transaction, it is important that clients are clear with their wishes and ask the web designers for input and advice.

From: Top Web Design Schools

Anatomy of a Web Design Client Infographic

By Natalie Boon.

Vertex, Vertex, who the heck are Vertex?

16 Nov

It occurs to me that you may have absolutely no idea who Vertex are.

It also occurs to me that there’s more to the web that infogram-making websites.

So I fused the two mental processes, and made an infogram from scratch on who Vertex are (simplistic styling, retro colouring and typefaces included).

Vertex General Infogram

By Natalie Boon.

Become a recruiter with Vertex

1 Nov

Become a recruiter with Vertex

We’re life changing.

By Natalie Boon.

What it’s like to be a marketing intern…

24 Oct

By Natalie Boon.


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