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You know you’re made for this job when…

29 Dec

So it’s been a while and the holidays have taken over everybody’s lives. Typical! But before I get lost in another round of turkey sandwiches and chocolates my waistline really shouldn’t have room for, I must divulge a little secret with you…

I must be made for this job. Even when I’m doing some Christmas shopping, or birthday shopping (… just any shopping, really!) I can’t escape this perfectionist mentality. This graphical and observant pedant’s poise. It boils down to being so wound up by how things are mass-manufactured and wanting to make them myself. If I could design and produce my own clothes, I would. When I acquire enough experience and material to do so, I’ll make my own cards too. One’s that are soppy, one’s that aren’t: with imagery or without; great typography, serif and sans; co-ordinated themes and coloured massacres on some card. I’ll do everything; the window displays, the internal decor, the cards, the envelopes the gift bags and matching wrap, the finicky final touches… And they won’t be gotten right first time, but with time and practice they’ll be perfect.

I won’t grumble that they’re slightly out of sync or not what I’d make or get for Auntie so-and-so. I won’t roll my eyes that the card and envelope don’t match up, or that the gift bag doesn’t look right either. Cos I’ll have just taken five and done it myself. And that’s how I know I’m perfect for this job. For marketing. Because that’s what I have to each and every day. And I get paid to be this anally-retentive about things that many people don’t value as important or relevant or mattering whatsoever. And I’m pretty chuffed about that to be honest!

I can’t imagine having someone else do what I do; every project is my baby and I care too much about each item on the agenda and fine detail within it to let anything slide or fall short of being exactly what it should and could be. And isn’t that the aim of every marketer? Isn’t that what every company wants from their PR personnel?

They don’t want the bare or thrown-haphazardly-together window displays; they want the breathtaking and fabulous and wow-that-really-made-me-stop-and-think ones.

So that’s what I’ll give them.

By Natalie Boon.


Une month et counting…

10 Nov

So, I lie in bed as I type, relishing a slow and restful morning after a manic week, both personally and professionally. I’m full of cold and frail as anything, and today won’t allow me any rest as I struggle to adapt to working life and cram in whatever socialising I can in my free hours. But as I roll about and delay rising for just a moment longer, my phone, my beautiful new Samsung Galaxy S3 (yes, I had to throw that in there – and yes, it is 50 shades of amazing and many more besides!), alerts me of a little reminder that I set myself… that it’s the tenth of November.

Now yes, that stands for a plethora of birthdays and anniversaries, deaths, wars and much more besides. But, for the sake of this humble little blog post, it stands for my first completed month as the Marketing Intern, first of its kind, at Vertex Solutions.

How do I feel about this past month of experience, growth and change? Mixed is one word, different another. I’m happy, of course! I adore my job, I adore the people, I adore learning and growing and seeing how my presence can develop areas of the company – internally and externally. It’s rewarding seeing the likes, subscriptions, follows and shares increase incrementally across our Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. It’s a pleasure to help fellow staff ‘sex up’ a job ad or write a blog post, film and edit a little video or be told that the business leads you’re sending over are now, already, the best leads currently being sent over in the whole company.

I feel like I am settling into a routine and learning what works and what doesn’t in an organisational context. I’m learning what times of day to get involved in social media to gain the largest viewing and viral engagement, how to best involve staff in your projects (hint: tea is the best bribe I have ever come across – although presumably that’s just cos sex is hardly a professional persuader, is it?!), and what looks and sounds good in all I write, say and design.

I’d like to think I’m a quick learner and that I’ve proven this by taking on every task given to me as well as my own, and hopefully exceeded expectations with my produce! I love everything I’m involved in and feel especially privileged that I have been able to come in at the time that I have, taking on an expanding company’s public presence and continually improving our ability to demonstrate our greatness and promote that to all who’ll listen, and even to those who won’t! The marketing side of Vertex has literally become my baby, alongside all side projects I’m involved in to prove my worth (R.O.I! R.O.I! R.O.I! Ahem… and crazy in-depth secret agent Boon covert Searchology shizzle as a less-than-minor aside!). I want to succeed for my own personal aspirations; my sense of persistence and an inherent desire to achieve and be the best at what I do. I want to succeed because this company has exceeded every expectation I have had of literally any company I have observed or operated within. I want to succeed because I feel that the world is their oyster as well as mine, and something so good can’t possibly fail, right?

Well, one would like to think so anyway! Of course it goes without saying that these things don’t happen overnight, nor do they come without the continued hard work and efforts of all involved. It’ll take time. Some long hours, some frustrating days, some bribery and stubborn determination will be encountered and necessary. It won’t always be easy, but it’s more than possible and I am so excited to make that a reality.

I feel like I’ve come more into my own since joining a month ago today. I’m more comfortable with my colleagues and am making some great friends already. I’m confident in my work and how to approach future projects. I’m nimble, enthusiastic and ever-ready to make this happen.

It’s sometimes those leaps of faith we take that lead us to our greatest heights and most painful falls. What counts is how we choose to get back up from our failures and master our own future destiny. If you never try, you’ll never know, so just throw yourself in that deep end and give swimming a go. There are so many lifeguards to help us along the way that we needn’t be so scared if failure, only of the sense of lacking if we never try. The key to it all is inside ourselves, but like the sink other swim analogy, we can’t always unlock other unless we put ourselves know uncomfortable and uncharted territory and take a few scrapes along the way.

… Okay, maybe my fragile and poorly countenance are making me sound as high as a kite… Let’s just summarise and round off:

– I love my job.
– I love these people.
– I love this company.
– I love the scope for growth and the future possibilities.

Thanks for reading this disjointed and rambling blog and please comment your thoughts and questions.

Thank you.

By Natalie Boon.

What it’s like to be a marketing intern…

24 Oct

By Natalie Boon.

Greetings world!

18 Oct Vertex Logo

So I have landed myself a job.. an internship.. in marketing.. and so it is actually part of my job to update and natter on here about what I get up to! What a treat for your poor souls who follow!

I have started working for a company called Vertex Solutions based in Hemel Hempstead, UK. We are specialist IT recruiters celebrating 15 years of existence and expanding rapidly, and I have been here just over a week.

I have come in with a youthful and optimistic mind, full of ideas and promise, and absolutely love what I’m doing so far! In this short space of time I have learnt about the company goings-on, what areas we deal in and how to best research and understand them (not being a total techie myself!), which avenues have previously been explored and what direction we’re heading in. We have over 30 staff members, free fruit on tap (well.. not literally!), a friendly open-plan office and a plethora of motivational mottos to inspire and bemuse on our walls! Redecorating will follow with our soon-to-launch rebrand – WATCH THIS SPACE.

My job isn’t just some silly artsy affair though. My day-to-day role involves me looking for potential clients and business development opportunities, researching how our competitors are functioning and what is trending across the Information Technology industry. I analyse relevant news stories and use them as a basis for social media updates, internal staff discussion and creative marketing campaigns. For example, I have started trying to inject some more current culture into our advertisements, by spoofing popular music covers with catchy lyrics and films that will be hitting the cinemas soon! Our range to date modifies (in a completely legal fashion!) ‘Anything Could Happen’ (Ellie Goulding), Diamonds (Rihanna), Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen) and James Bond himself from the upcoming Skyfall! I monitor our social media presence and track how it fluctuates with each type of update – learning as I go about what works and what doesn’t! I am also responsible for content generation and proofing for blogs, websites, and other press material.

I have one press release published already in my time with Hemel Pulse Magazine, going into their magazine as well as being publicised through their website and Twitter page. This release was on the superb charity work conducted by the company just prior to my arrival, which inspired me as a new employee and caused great admiration for the team and their general social mission outside of boring corporate needs and financial targets………….. (yawn!). Being an IT recruitment agency, they were exposed to the existence of Byte Night, a nationwide sleep-out in multiple UK locations for the Action for Children charity, focusing on their homeless division. A team went down in early October to attempt a snooze in the pouring rain – they say wine didn’t even numb them from the cold, but a good night was had by all, and a true sympathy was nurtured for those who have to endure those conditions and worse every day! Prior to this, the team raised a whopping £2,410.02 – half generated from a race night, auction and bake sale, with goods donated by Vertex and other local organisations, and the other half matched by us. Sponsorship from the sleep-out since then has boosted this total to £2,750.02 – a figure we are immensely proud to contribute to such a worthy cause!

Beyond this we are brainstorming other ideas and formats to operate within; new videos to make, how to boost engagement with our audiences across all mediums, how to generate more business and improve our current networking skills, what is pre-existing that we should change, and much, much more! ‘Busy’ is an understatement, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I love the people, I love knowing that my work is an innovative fusion of creativity and business development, and I love knowing that there is always more to learn and things to achieve. It has been fantastic watching my work grow our company exposure thus far, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Watch this space for examples of work that I’ve done or links to content that I’ve written.

Cheers everyone, hope you found this interesting~

By Natalie Boon.


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