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New Beginnings

2 May

To my friends, colleagues, contacts and those who have just stumbled across this page…

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that I am leaving Vertex Solutions. I seek pastures anew, to challenge my creative spirit and seemingly never-ending pool of ideas. I wish my beloved Vertexians (definitely adding that to the dictionary!) all of the best in the world, and have thanked and bid farewell to the wonderful people who I have worked with… They have all made my first leap into the big bad world of work an absolute joy (well, most of the time), and I will miss them all greatly.


And if you are ever looking for a technical job, or a technical recruiter, look no further than my elite ex-colleagues for this. They are truly amazing at what they do, and I cannot recommend them enough.


My name in lights…

18 Mar

My beloved Loughborough: home for three magical and memorable and mind-boggling years, and the place where I grew up. I was asked to write a graduate profile, answering some key questions to help advise current and prospective students on where I’ve come from, and where I’m headed, and how I think they should proceed to get here.

Here’s the result…



‘Tell me a bit more about yourself.’

1 Mar

Does this phrase fill you with dread?

Check out our latest video for interview advice and some pretty good outtakes too!

4 Dec

Check out the first of many future zany blog posts from one anonymous and hilarious consultant at Vertex. We’ve kick-started this particular blogwith a very funny adaptation of the festive classic, ‘A Christmas Carol’ – talking instead about how you shouldadopt social media as both a recruiter and job seeker in order to best expose yourself to the right opportunities.
Let us know your thoughts, and enjoy!

By Natalie Boon.

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Random Ramblings of a Recruiter

This is a tale of moving with the times, a warning against becoming an observational passenger. I’m sure we have all now read, or watched, the Dickens classic “A Christmas Carol”, and the message behind it lives as true today as it did when written. This is much alike A Christmas Carol in as far as our story of vicissitude in our main characters life begins with a visit from a deceased colleague on the night before Christmas. (For reason of it being an uplifting Christmas story, we will assume that in this instance deceased means he has moved on to another company.)

Scrooge awoke to find a ghouly being standing at the edge of his bed. He furiously rubbed his eyes to ensure his woken presence, yet the being remained. It was the image of his previous business partner Jacob Marley from Scrooge and Marley Recruitment Solutions…

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How to make it or break it with Vertex

30 Nov

I love stumbling back into an infogram-making website and finding an old infogram in my library that I forgot I’d even made…


By Natalie Boon.

How to be a superhero

5 Nov

Clark Kent gets a Linkedin profile and learns how to optimise it…

By Natalie Boon.

What makes Vertex recruiters the best?

26 Oct

Maybe I’m biased from working here, but regardless – here is an infogram (MY FIRST!) that I’ve made just to test out how to make them and explain what makes a great recruitment consultant, and therefore what qualities we look for in our internal hires.

Made with

By Natalie Boon.


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