So true, and exactly how I feel!

9 Jan

It’s a simple loop – be good at something, love doing it, get better at it, love it more, love improving and love loving… The key to your dream career working out for you is simply embracing it as a passion and a way of life more than a simple 9-5 task.

Great t-shirt design too!

By Natalie Boon.


You know you’re made for this job when…

29 Dec

So it’s been a while and the holidays have taken over everybody’s lives. Typical! But before I get lost in another round of turkey sandwiches and chocolates my waistline really shouldn’t have room for, I must divulge a little secret with you…

I must be made for this job. Even when I’m doing some Christmas shopping, or birthday shopping (… just any shopping, really!) I can’t escape this perfectionist mentality. This graphical and observant pedant’s poise. It boils down to being so wound up by how things are mass-manufactured and wanting to make them myself. If I could design and produce my own clothes, I would. When I acquire enough experience and material to do so, I’ll make my own cards too. One’s that are soppy, one’s that aren’t: with imagery or without; great typography, serif and sans; co-ordinated themes and coloured massacres on some card. I’ll do everything; the window displays, the internal decor, the cards, the envelopes the gift bags and matching wrap, the finicky final touches… And they won’t be gotten right first time, but with time and practice they’ll be perfect.

I won’t grumble that they’re slightly out of sync or not what I’d make or get for Auntie so-and-so. I won’t roll my eyes that the card and envelope don’t match up, or that the gift bag doesn’t look right either. Cos I’ll have just taken five and done it myself. And that’s how I know I’m perfect for this job. For marketing. Because that’s what I have to each and every day. And I get paid to be this anally-retentive about things that many people don’t value as important or relevant or mattering whatsoever. And I’m pretty chuffed about that to be honest!

I can’t imagine having someone else do what I do; every project is my baby and I care too much about each item on the agenda and fine detail within it to let anything slide or fall short of being exactly what it should and could be. And isn’t that the aim of every marketer? Isn’t that what every company wants from their PR personnel?

They don’t want the bare or thrown-haphazardly-together window displays; they want the breathtaking and fabulous and wow-that-really-made-me-stop-and-think ones.

So that’s what I’ll give them.

By Natalie Boon.

How productive is your office?

20 Dec

Check out this innovative practice our HR guru introduced recently…

By Natalie Boon.

Linked article by Jennifer Howlett.

4 Dec

Check out the first of many future zany blog posts from one anonymous and hilarious consultant at Vertex. We’ve kick-started this particular blogwith a very funny adaptation of the festive classic, ‘A Christmas Carol’ – talking instead about how you shouldadopt social media as both a recruiter and job seeker in order to best expose yourself to the right opportunities.
Let us know your thoughts, and enjoy!

By Natalie Boon.

Linked blog by Kieran Scully.

Random Ramblings of a Recruiter

This is a tale of moving with the times, a warning against becoming an observational passenger. I’m sure we have all now read, or watched, the Dickens classic “A Christmas Carol”, and the message behind it lives as true today as it did when written. This is much alike A Christmas Carol in as far as our story of vicissitude in our main characters life begins with a visit from a deceased colleague on the night before Christmas. (For reason of it being an uplifting Christmas story, we will assume that in this instance deceased means he has moved on to another company.)

Scrooge awoke to find a ghouly being standing at the edge of his bed. He furiously rubbed his eyes to ensure his woken presence, yet the being remained. It was the image of his previous business partner Jacob Marley from Scrooge and Marley Recruitment Solutions…

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How to make it or break it with Vertex

30 Nov

I love stumbling back into an infogram-making website and finding an old infogram in my library that I forgot I’d even made…


By Natalie Boon.


Meet the BD Team – Arnie, Superman and the smiley one with the awesome voice!

28 Nov

I’m pretty proud of my latest piece of filming and editing, so figured I’d share it with you!

There’re are some hilarious outtakes at the end – so be sure to stay tuned right through!

You can check out other videos I’ve made and that were made before my time @ Vertex on our YouTube channel:

I look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts and recommendations for improvement and on future video ideas!

Thanks all!

By Natalie Boon.

Video featuring Jay Gohil, James Hunt and Liam Kidd.

And so the guest blogging begins…

19 Nov

I’ve joined up to a rather cool site recently which helps facilitate blog networking and provide more guest posting opportunities. This is the first post of hopefully many where I share interesting articles or infograms I come across related to myself and marketing, career development, or the IT sector and its latest news (as this is the arena which my company, Vertex, operate within).

Anatomy of a Web Design Client

Web design has become more complicated in recent years. As a result, more businesses are turning to professionals to design their websites. While most of these transactions go smoothly, problems sometimes arise. Who is to blame when the process goes bad?

Some place most of the blame on the web designer. A common stereotype is that computer experts have poor social skills, and some attribute poor transactions to social ineptitude. Further, many people believe that the customer is always right, and they will blame the web designer in almost all cases. Web designers sometimes ignore the wishes of their clients and do what they feel is best.

However, others argue that the problem primarily lies with the clients. Clients are notoriously difficult to understand, and many change their desires at seemingly arbitrary times. To ensure a smooth transaction, it is important that clients are clear with their wishes and ask the web designers for input and advice.

From: Top Web Design Schools

Anatomy of a Web Design Client Infographic

By Natalie Boon.

Vertex, Vertex, who the heck are Vertex?

16 Nov

It occurs to me that you may have absolutely no idea who Vertex are.

It also occurs to me that there’s more to the web that infogram-making websites.

So I fused the two mental processes, and made an infogram from scratch on who Vertex are (simplistic styling, retro colouring and typefaces included).

Vertex General Infogram

By Natalie Boon.

Une month et counting…

10 Nov

So, I lie in bed as I type, relishing a slow and restful morning after a manic week, both personally and professionally. I’m full of cold and frail as anything, and today won’t allow me any rest as I struggle to adapt to working life and cram in whatever socialising I can in my free hours. But as I roll about and delay rising for just a moment longer, my phone, my beautiful new Samsung Galaxy S3 (yes, I had to throw that in there – and yes, it is 50 shades of amazing and many more besides!), alerts me of a little reminder that I set myself… that it’s the tenth of November.

Now yes, that stands for a plethora of birthdays and anniversaries, deaths, wars and much more besides. But, for the sake of this humble little blog post, it stands for my first completed month as the Marketing Intern, first of its kind, at Vertex Solutions.

How do I feel about this past month of experience, growth and change? Mixed is one word, different another. I’m happy, of course! I adore my job, I adore the people, I adore learning and growing and seeing how my presence can develop areas of the company – internally and externally. It’s rewarding seeing the likes, subscriptions, follows and shares increase incrementally across our Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. It’s a pleasure to help fellow staff ‘sex up’ a job ad or write a blog post, film and edit a little video or be told that the business leads you’re sending over are now, already, the best leads currently being sent over in the whole company.

I feel like I am settling into a routine and learning what works and what doesn’t in an organisational context. I’m learning what times of day to get involved in social media to gain the largest viewing and viral engagement, how to best involve staff in your projects (hint: tea is the best bribe I have ever come across – although presumably that’s just cos sex is hardly a professional persuader, is it?!), and what looks and sounds good in all I write, say and design.

I’d like to think I’m a quick learner and that I’ve proven this by taking on every task given to me as well as my own, and hopefully exceeded expectations with my produce! I love everything I’m involved in and feel especially privileged that I have been able to come in at the time that I have, taking on an expanding company’s public presence and continually improving our ability to demonstrate our greatness and promote that to all who’ll listen, and even to those who won’t! The marketing side of Vertex has literally become my baby, alongside all side projects I’m involved in to prove my worth (R.O.I! R.O.I! R.O.I! Ahem… and crazy in-depth secret agent Boon covert Searchology shizzle as a less-than-minor aside!). I want to succeed for my own personal aspirations; my sense of persistence and an inherent desire to achieve and be the best at what I do. I want to succeed because this company has exceeded every expectation I have had of literally any company I have observed or operated within. I want to succeed because I feel that the world is their oyster as well as mine, and something so good can’t possibly fail, right?

Well, one would like to think so anyway! Of course it goes without saying that these things don’t happen overnight, nor do they come without the continued hard work and efforts of all involved. It’ll take time. Some long hours, some frustrating days, some bribery and stubborn determination will be encountered and necessary. It won’t always be easy, but it’s more than possible and I am so excited to make that a reality.

I feel like I’ve come more into my own since joining a month ago today. I’m more comfortable with my colleagues and am making some great friends already. I’m confident in my work and how to approach future projects. I’m nimble, enthusiastic and ever-ready to make this happen.

It’s sometimes those leaps of faith we take that lead us to our greatest heights and most painful falls. What counts is how we choose to get back up from our failures and master our own future destiny. If you never try, you’ll never know, so just throw yourself in that deep end and give swimming a go. There are so many lifeguards to help us along the way that we needn’t be so scared if failure, only of the sense of lacking if we never try. The key to it all is inside ourselves, but like the sink other swim analogy, we can’t always unlock other unless we put ourselves know uncomfortable and uncharted territory and take a few scrapes along the way.

… Okay, maybe my fragile and poorly countenance are making me sound as high as a kite… Let’s just summarise and round off:

– I love my job.
– I love these people.
– I love this company.
– I love the scope for growth and the future possibilities.

Thanks for reading this disjointed and rambling blog and please comment your thoughts and questions.

Thank you.

By Natalie Boon.


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