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My legacy lives on…

22 May

Despite leaving Vertex recently and looking for new challenges, my design abilities were obviously still highly thought of… I created this banner!

If you’re looking for an amazing challenge in IT Recruitment with one of the best companies going, check out their website for more info: http://www.vertex-solutions.co.uk You won’t regret it!

Vertex hiring banner


New Beginnings

2 May

To my friends, colleagues, contacts and those who have just stumbled across this page…

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that I am leaving Vertex Solutions. I seek pastures anew, to challenge my creative spirit and seemingly never-ending pool of ideas. I wish my beloved Vertexians (definitely adding that to the dictionary!) all of the best in the world, and have thanked and bid farewell to the wonderful people who I have worked with… They have all made my first leap into the big bad world of work an absolute joy (well, most of the time), and I will miss them all greatly.


And if you are ever looking for a technical job, or a technical recruiter, look no further than my elite ex-colleagues for this. They are truly amazing at what they do, and I cannot recommend them enough.


Are you looking to change your life?

30 Apr

(NOTE: this is a shameless CV generating, job sharing, candidate and client engaging, company promoting kind of update. Consider yourself warned!)


Ahem… Key words aside, working in marketing is all about being creative and engaging the world around you; finding your USP, promoting the #$!* out of your products and/or services, and generating proof of ROI. (buzzbuzzbuzzwords).

But with a recruitment company, this process is definitely harder to adjust to as a new industry worker than something more abstract and creative. You can have all the ideas in the world, but can you tie them down? Can you make them work for you and represent you, rather than merely be a fun exercise in futility?

This is my job and my current greatest challenge. Learning how to sell to candidates that we can change your world, to clients that we can help grow and enhance your business offering, and the general outside world that we are a great place to work for, with and around (cough, CHARITY WORK, cough, GREAT WORK PERKS, cough, AWESOME PEOPLE AND ATMOSPHERE…) – this is where it gets tricky. Ir takes more than a cleverly-worded poster or a few status updates. It’s about proof-reading job advertisements and maintaining websites and generating new and interesting content day in, day our. It’s about managing brand through every employee, document and form of communication.

It’s about making people go ‘WOW’ and remembering you for doing what you said you would, and then some.

So, to that end, we’re working on tonnes of cool new ideas to get you outsiders to know all about us and what we do. We may even make you smile or think about us a little longer than you’d realised or planned.

BUT. As I couldn’t possibly reveal all my fantastic secrets, I shall conclude this morning post with some shameless recruitment spam!

We really can change your life. I’ve spoken to placed candidates and happy clients. You love us. You think we are dedicated and tenacious and are pleased that we really take the time to learn about our marketplace and about all of your interests too. Think of it this way: why would we try to sell you a job that you’ll end up leaving later, if we don’t get paid til you have worked for a set period of time?

It’s in our interest to care for you, learn about your family, talk about your hobbies, and see what you want from your next move, whether you relocate or not. The same goes for the client-side. Why would we set ourselves up as a business, claiming excellent candidate delivery and support, only to have you doubt us the moment someone drops out or decides against you, no matter what the real reason? The answer is – we wouldn’t.

So, as promised:

Take a moment to consider what you might be lacking in your career right now… Would it do you any harm to explore your options, pressure-free?

If you’re looking to change your life by progressing your techie career, get in touch today. Check out our social media pages. Give us a call. Drop us an email. Heck, come visit us in the office. We won’t bite (much!).


‘Tell me a bit more about yourself.’

1 Mar

Does this phrase fill you with dread?

Check out our latest video for interview advice and some pretty good outtakes too!

Vertex Buzz!

10 Jan

A continuously updated list of links to news about us on the World Wide Web!


Calling all Ruby on Rails Developers!

10 Jan
Infogram on Ruby on Rails professionals.

Infogram on Ruby on Rails professionals.

By Natalie Boon.




You know you’re made for this job when…

29 Dec

So it’s been a while and the holidays have taken over everybody’s lives. Typical! But before I get lost in another round of turkey sandwiches and chocolates my waistline really shouldn’t have room for, I must divulge a little secret with you…

I must be made for this job. Even when I’m doing some Christmas shopping, or birthday shopping (… just any shopping, really!) I can’t escape this perfectionist mentality. This graphical and observant pedant’s poise. It boils down to being so wound up by how things are mass-manufactured and wanting to make them myself. If I could design and produce my own clothes, I would. When I acquire enough experience and material to do so, I’ll make my own cards too. One’s that are soppy, one’s that aren’t: with imagery or without; great typography, serif and sans; co-ordinated themes and coloured massacres on some card. I’ll do everything; the window displays, the internal decor, the cards, the envelopes the gift bags and matching wrap, the finicky final touches… And they won’t be gotten right first time, but with time and practice they’ll be perfect.

I won’t grumble that they’re slightly out of sync or not what I’d make or get for Auntie so-and-so. I won’t roll my eyes that the card and envelope don’t match up, or that the gift bag doesn’t look right either. Cos I’ll have just taken five and done it myself. And that’s how I know I’m perfect for this job. For marketing. Because that’s what I have to each and every day. And I get paid to be this anally-retentive about things that many people don’t value as important or relevant or mattering whatsoever. And I’m pretty chuffed about that to be honest!

I can’t imagine having someone else do what I do; every project is my baby and I care too much about each item on the agenda and fine detail within it to let anything slide or fall short of being exactly what it should and could be. And isn’t that the aim of every marketer? Isn’t that what every company wants from their PR personnel?

They don’t want the bare or thrown-haphazardly-together window displays; they want the breathtaking and fabulous and wow-that-really-made-me-stop-and-think ones.

So that’s what I’ll give them.

By Natalie Boon.

How productive is your office?

20 Dec

Check out this innovative practice our HR guru introduced recently…

By Natalie Boon.

Linked article by Jennifer Howlett.


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